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Nevada Mod 2.0.x: Black screen after intro.


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Hi, I have issue with this mod: right after the intro (which plays without any problems) screen goes black (but music is playing) and all I can do is press Esc to quit game. I tried it on my laptop with W10 + intel CPU/GPU and on my PC with W10 + AMD CPU + NVIDIA GPU, both behave in the same way - black screen right after game intro. There is no difference if I try to skip intro or watch it to the end. I tried dx9/dd7, windowed mode and different resolutions and all I can see is the black screen after intro.


I have GOG version of basic fallout 2 installed: setup_fallout2_2.1.0.17.exe and it runs just fine.

As for Nevada I used this file: F2 Nevada Mod (Fixed Edition) HD [v2.0.2.3].exe, install into default location, language set as english.


I did a few more tests and It looks like it doesn't matter if I have Fallout 2 installed or not - In both cases I have black screen in Nevada - is it stand alone mod or does it require base Fallout 2 to run? Anyway I'm lost and don't know what to do :( Any help is appreciated!

Answer: The main path of the game and the mod should not be different. Example: 

Correctly: X:\My Games\Fallout 2 & X:\My Games\Fallout 2\<Mod>

Wrong:     X:\My Games\Fallout 2 & X:\Games\Fallout 2\<Mod>

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If changing modes (dx9\dd7) didn't help: In the f2_res_Config.exe (located in the mod folder) try a change graphics mode: Basic/Direct Draw 7/DirectX 9 and 8/16/32 bit color. Try this:

  • changing the screen resolution, for example at 1024*768 (f2_res_config.exe)
  • update sfall (only ddraw.dll)
  • open the folder "dont_use\sFall2_1.8.28_by_Crafty" and copy the contents to the mod folder. Agree to a replacement.
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Thank you for tips, I tried all of it but but there is no change. I think that I will just install win7 as second system and try my luck there. I'm pretty sure that about 1-2 years ago Fallout Nevada was running perfectly fine on my win10 laptop, maybe Microsoft messed up something in windows updates.

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2 more options:

  1. Updated the Nevada Fixed mod, maybe something will change.
  2. Update directx9 and add into mod folder this dll.
  3. It might be worth trying the standalone version Nevada Fixed. And then install  "English lang"... 
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Thank you for updated installer - unfortunatelly after installing it there is no change in game bahaviour. I tried online installer of directX9 from your link but it says that I already have more recent version installed and it quits. I found full offline installer of directx9 but it also didn't make any difference. 


Pack with dll added to mod folder - still black screen.


Now I tried your option 3: Fallout: Nevada (fixed edition) 2.0.3 // build by Foxx (23.08.2020)


It's all in Russian language so I just clicked "next, next..." and made default installation - game is working fine. Is there an easy way to install English language to this version?


But still this is strange why for me standalone version is working fine and mod not :(

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Standalone version - I don't know, but I'm interested too. Perhaps the point is in some parameter.
English - uploaded


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I tried your new ddraw.ini on mod version but again I have black screen. I googled if anybody else is having black screen issue and it looks like I'm not alone:





English patch is working, now I have standalone version in language that I can understand - thank you very much for your help!

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Check it, please (if not difficult):

  • subfolder mode - C:\Games\Fallout 2\Nevada Mod (default setting)
  • main directory mode - C:\Games\Fallout 2 (enable checkbox 'main directory mode' after specifying the installation path)
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Ok, now I know what was the problem here...


My Fallout 2 (GOG version) is installed into it's default location: C:\GOG Games\Fallout 2\


Default installation of Nevada mod goes here: C:\Games\Fallout 2\Nevada Mod and I didn't change it - I thought that it doesn't matter where the base Fallout 2 is installed and mod will "read" it's location from windows registry. Now I tried to install mod into C:\GOG Games\Fallout 2\Nevada Mod - it works perfectly, I tried also main directory mode and used C:\GOG Games\Fallout 2 and it also works!

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