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Последнее обновление: 30 Окт 2013 22:29
Самый большой неофициальный патч-глюкоисправитель для Fallout New Vegas исправляющий свыше 20 тысяч неверных записей в одном мастер-файле.Этот мод не добавляет ничего нового к игре. Он просто устраняет проблемы, которые существуют в оригинальной игре и её дополнениях
А именно:
Убирает плавающие в воздухе предметы, ошибки с обесцвеченной местностью, неправильные и неверно указанные навигационные сетки, ошибки скриптов, проблемы в поведении компаньонов и торговцев, неверные и пустые значения, и другие ошибки допущенные в оригинальных файлах, а также улучшает общую совместимость всех дополнений, возвращает природный цвет лица/кожи NPC и связанные с ними ошибки, кроме этого устраняет проблемы с квестами и расчетом урона от оружия/свойств брони, а также многие другие проблемы.
Данный мод не является сборником фиксов от других пользователей, а есть самостоятельным неофициальным патчем от собственной команды разработчиков, которая добавляет и оптимизирует новые фиксы и дополнительно объединяет в себе моды следующих авторов
Mission Mojave (Team Mystery)
Community Patch (Ravenmodding)
Community Bugfix Compilation Patch (Linmor)
New Vegas Character Expansions (Machienzo)
Поэтому вам не нужно дополнительно устанавливать любой из этих 4-х модов.
Наличие следующих DLC
Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Old World Blues
Lonesome Road
Gun Runners' Arsenal
NVSE для работы мода не нужен
1) Скопировать файлы
Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition.esp
Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition.bsa
в папку Data вашей игры и отметить их в лаунчере после всех DLC (включая русификаторы к ним) и перед всеми модами.
2) Скопировать папку Sound в папку Data вашей игры
3) Если у вас установлен/установлены следующие моды: A World Of Pain, Electrocity, EVE, FOOK, New Vegas Redesigned 2, NVIteriors Combo Edition, Project Nevada, rePopulated Wasteland, WMX - скопировать в папку Data одноименные файлы из папки Патчи совместимости и отметить их в лаунчере после указанного мода/модов.[/c]
4) Открыть файл fallout_default.ini , который находится в папке Fallout New Vegas и изменить значение напротив пункта bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0 на единицу, то есть bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1
http://the-team-mystery.com/ - Команде The Team Mystery за создание этого чудесного багфиксера.


Vladeslav за локализацию.




Added non-hollow point .45-70 ammo to vendor lists it was missing from.
Ensured Ammo naming consistency. 
- Sometimes Energy Cells were referred to as Small Energy Cells.
- Some ammo was named oddly compared to the rest.
Fixed the weight of 12.7 Junk ammo.
- From 0.006400 to 0.064000. Weight now the same as the non junk version. This is the case with other junk ammo.
Added 12.mm Junk Ammo Recipe.
- The ammo was there but the recipe was missing. It simply was added.
Fixed a bug that prevents recovering empty 12 gauge hulls when firing 12 gauge slugs.
NEW in V10 | Ambassador Crocker's Armor Icon changed icon to apparel_white_glove_society.dds.
NEW in V10 | Fixed made to Radiation Suits to stop player's arms being invisible in First Person.
NEW in V10 | Lonesome Road armors 'Armor of the 87th Tribe' and 'Scored Sierra Power Armor' now faction armour (again).
NEW in V10 | Replaced a Chinese Stealth Armor duplicate with the Chinese Stealth Armor Helmet (also fixed ownership bug).
NEW in V10 | Scorched Sierra Power Helmet restored.
NEW in V10 | Ulysses NPC Mask flags restored to prevent wierd NPC clipping issues.
NEW in V9 | Recon Helmet flags fixed.
- Added Choker Flag to pevent it from being equipped together with a slave collar which clipps heavily.
NEW in V8 | Added script to Radiation Suits, Enclave Scientist, All-Purpose Scientist, Space and Hazmat.
- Now  they remove the Pipboy Glove when equipped, and return Pipboy glove when unequipped. Some of these made the glove disappear forever.
NEW in V8 | Reinforced Armor names changed from ",Reinforced" to "(Reinforced)" suffix.
- Another fix for naming consistency.
Added a new mesh for Pimp-Boy 3 Billion, so it's not at an odd angle on female characters.
All hats with a "bill" but without an effect have added sun-guard effect.
- Majority had it but some where missing the effect. Was added.
Holes in the Pipboy Meshes have been filled.
- There were some weird things there and you could notice them ingame if you knew where to look.
Changed the Icon used for Authority Glasses from simple Eye-wear to Sunglasses.
- The icon used now looks like the glasses.
Fixed a glitch that appeared when wearing any prewar clothing and trying to return it at a vending machine in Dead Money.
- The effect of the clothing remained on the player even though he returned the clothes.
Fixed an the flags of the Chinese Stealth Armor Helmet.
- This was done to prevent items that clip with the helmet to be equipped, like wearing glasses over a helmet. 
Fixed Dead Money armor, and vending codes (icon, sound issues and some other things).
Added PickUp and Drop sounds to some armors that where missing them.
- This was actually a quite common problem.
Fixed the distribution of Brotherhood T-45d Power Armor so that it is actually worn by members of the Brotherhood of Steel.
- Been discussed that this is intended. That is not the case since this is actually the result of a messed up formlist.
Fixed the Female Enclave Officer Uniform Mesh.
Fixed the Gannon Family and Remnants Armor health.
Fixed the infinite helmet and (possible) experience exploit with Motor-Runner when you speak to him at Vault 3 concerning his bounty.
Fixed the little oversight that head-wraps are missing the +1 perception.
Fixed the missing weight and value of the Ranger Helmet
Fixed the NCR Ranger Patrol Armor stance.
Fixed the repair list of the Gannon Family Helmet.
Fixed the numbers on the neck of the vault-suit 3 and 24. They were upside down.
Fixed the object and female models of Dean's Tuxedo.
Fixed the Stealth Suit to use your medicine skill when applying a stimpak.
Fixed the texture path for the female business-wear.
Fixed the texture path for the male dark business-wear.
Fixed the weight of the Dirty Pre-War Outfits to match the other outfits.
Readded the scorched sierra power armor helmet.
- Was removed to show the npcs face. We readded it as deathitem which will show up in the npcs inventory upon death.
The Suave Gambler Hat will now also be a hat for female characters instead of a bonnet.
- This hat is a reference to indiana jones and of course that reference is lost if its a bennet for female characters.
Stealth Suit MK II contained a dummy object effect for Sneak speed rendering it useless.
- The effect record was present but had never been added to the armor despite the ingametext stating that this effect is applied to the armor through the final upgrade.
Fixed a number of odd display bugs which were known to appear when wearing the Chinese Stealth armor.
NEW in V10 | Camera pathing fixed for certain unique weapons.
NEW in V10 | 22LR ammo in Goodsprings home moved to make it able to be picked up.
NEW in V10 | Made Benny's Cigarettes in Goodsprings Cemetery less likely to clip into the landscape.
NEW in V10 | Reenabled some Mojave Outpost Ingestibles and flagged 'No AI Acquire' to prevent AI from eating Lacey's bar stock.
NEW in V10 | Revert some undisclosed changes made to Y-17.
NEW in V10 | Trudy's house no longer has two walls clipping eachother causing discolouration.
NEW in V10 | Water Fountain in Bison Steve no longer clips into wall.
NEW in V9 | Atomic Wrangler player room door properly locked with key.
NEW in V8 | Casa Madrid Apt litter lowered to floor.
NEW in V8 | Great Khan Supply Cave fire restored.
NEW in V8 | Miguel's Pawn Shop interior fixed to match exterior, along with stairs leading to upstairs (though not accessible).
NEW in V8 | Mr.House's placement no longer causes clipping issues and shaking.
NEW in V8 | Prospector's Saloon .22 pistol lowered onto bench.
NEW in V8 | Sacks inside Helios One correctly assigned NCR faction ownership.
NEW in V8 | Sandbox Markers for Colonel Hsu are placed more approprately (rather than being in unusual areas).
NEW in V8 | The Thorn given additional safeguard activator.
NEW in V8 | The Thorn now functions correctly, with Contestants correctly exiting the ring, the ring cleaning up and a message and audio que announcing the end of the match.
NEW in V8 | Static Vault 19 vault-suit removed from atop dresser and switched with a armor one (you can pick it up now).
Fixed an issue with a duplicate vending machine in the sink.
- This lead to making a previously not accessable script run. Vending machine triggers a menu where you can buy nuka cola (however it has a cooldown). 
Added Test Cell for MMUE testing purposes 
- can be reached by using typing "coc mmue" into the console
Fixed alignment of unique plasma rifle in Rep-con Headquarters, so it is in the container as it was designed.
The items in doc mitchels house are now owned by goodsprings and give you bad karma (with the exception of a few items like the glasses and the smg). Doc however will not go rampage trying to kill the patient whos live he just safed. He only does that if you left his house before and then came back to steal his stuff.
Added a warning to the Members Only door that will let you know you're about to make enemies of the White Glove Society by entering before you enter.
All weapons, ammo, drugs, clothes, and food in the Goodsprings house that Easy Pete likes to sleep in, now belongs to the Goodsprings Faction.
Fixed a bug in the Mojave Outpost HQ where a gray box would appear in the hallway if you stood in a certain location.
Fixed a bug at The Thorn where you could get stuck in a room with no exit.
Fixed a bug in Madre's Vault in case you didn't read Security Protocol Information which got you stuck when entering elevator after escaping/killing Elijah.
NEW in V10 | Gecko placement at Goodsprings Source fixed to prevent clipping into the landscape.
NEW in V10 | Spore Plants now have a chance to drop Spore Plant Pods.
NEW in V8 | LVB Station securitrons upgrade to Mk.II correctly.
NEW in V8 | Strip Securitrons 20DT restored.
NEW in V10 | Deputy Beagle's speech check for 'letting him rot' in his bindings can no longer be exploited multiple times.
NEW in V10 | Aerotech Park Refugees lines fixed to be restricted via voice type so they no longer say incorrect lines.
NEW in V10 | Dr.Usanagi's dialogue option about the clinic no longer disappears.
NEW in V10 | Papa Khan farewell dialogue fixed 
- Moved to new branch due to original editing issues.
NEW in V10 | Various dialogue errors fixed pertaining to New Vegas dialogue.
NEW in V9 | Chris Haversam GREETING dialogue fixed.
NEW in V8 | Arcade's Speech Challenge dialogue correctly awards XP.
NEW in V8 | Casino Cashiers now correctly exchange caps.
NEW in V8 | Contreras dialogue restructed for questline.
NEW in V8 | Crenshaw Dialogue set to Goodbye instead of singular branch.
NEW in V8 | Dean's Blackmail Holotape correctly plays.
NEW in V8 | Doctor Healing dialogue options correctly trigger appropriate responses, when damaged or crippled.
NEW in V8 | Dog/God dialogue given extra conditions to avoid split-personality talking after merge.
NEW in V8 | General fixes to a variety of dialogue typos.
NEW in V8 | Keller dialogue undergone complete restructuring for questline.
NEW in V8 | Lt. Boyd conditional dialogue fixes.
NEW in V8 | Sarah Weintraub barter mismatched dialogue fixed.
Fixed a bug to ensure Legate is only talking after introduction.
Changed the dialogue conditions of Ruby Nash to let you give her one gland when you have two, and checks for five glands instead of four to get the five casserole option.
Enabled Pacer's stash to appear under his bed after you pass a Medicine check for Ambassador Crocker.
Fixed an infinite money exploit in Colonel Hsu's dialogue.
Fixed an infinite skill loop in Bryce's dialogue.
Dr. Hildern now has a voice for all of her Greeting dialogs.
Fixed Bryce Anders immediately dying when attacked by a fiend, unless you have convinced him he can somehow get to Motor-Runner on his own.
Fixed Bryce Anders not staying where he is until you fix his leg
Fixed Emily Ortal Dialogue Perception check which was on her instead of the player.
ERRORS (script, syntax and type errors)
All GRA Errors have been fixed.
Fixed FNVEdit errors from the error report to resolve conflicts and improve general stability.
Fixed Lonesome Road Errors.
Fixed falloutnv.esm "could not be resolved" and "wrong object type" errors.
Fixed Honest Hearts Errors.
NEW in V9 | Fixed Cactus Water to be crafted correctly.
NEW in V8 | Cateye and Nuka Cola Quartz 'Blue-Eye' effects do not affect player if item is consumed by stupid-entitled follower with inventory.
Fixed the conditions of the Irradiated Salsbury Steak.
Bighorner and Brahmin Steak/Wellington now weight 1.00 instead of 0.8, the same as all other steaks.
Cram, Blamco Mac and Cheese, and the Irradiated versions of those items now equip as Food items instead of "Big Guns" items.
Fixed Irradiated Water so it only applies a reduction to dehydration in hardcore mode.
Fixed Irradiated Whiskey to work with Cass' "Whiskey Rose" perk.
Changed the Med-X use and possibility of addiction which was were altered by OWB back to vanilla.
NEW in V8 | All unique apparrel and weapons removed from repair lists to avoid using them to repair normal variants.
Added Dean's Tuxedo to the Form List for Veronica Dress.
Added DLC Food to Perk Related All Food Form list.
Added DLC Weapons to Holdout Weapons Form list.
Added DLC Weapons to Improved Holdout Weapons Form list.
Added DLC Weapons to Weapons that Explore Gas-traps Form list.
Added Scorched Power Armor to the AllPowerArmor Form list.
Added the Spore Plant Pod item to the Spore Plant's death item list.
All hats added to prewar hats form list
AllPowerArmor Form list filled correctly.
Ammo Form lists updated.
Changed various Leveled Item Lists so that they match their description and intent.
NEW IN V10 | Addional fix for the female pipboy to prevent clipping with the arm during movement and combat.
NEW IN V10 | Fixed the glasses Ranger Ghost wears.
- They finally stop clipping into her face now.
Filled holes in the pipboy meshes.
Fixed angle female pipboys have.
NEW in V10 | Lucky 38 Entrance now opens if you first talked to House in the Weather Station.
NEW in V10 | Two static Barrel Cactus Fruits changed to activatable references (can be picked).
NEW in V10 | Various typos and text formatting fixed on terminals.
NEW in V9 | Removed the empty soda bottle. Both empty nukacola bottles and empty sunsetsarsparilla bottles where intended to count as empty soda but the system was never finished. 
NEW in V9 | Empty Sodabottles found in the game were replaced with nuka ones and reciepes using soda bottles now have variants for both empty bottles.
NEW in V9 | Doctor Healing addendum fixes. Process should be more reliable.
NEW in V9 | Fixes to DLC starts setting Sleep Deprivation to an unlimited bugged value.
NEW in V8 | All Vendors now correctly restock on Wednesday and Sunday, regardless of 'No Low-Level Processing' flag.
NEW in V8 | Auto-Docs in Dead Money DLC correctly heal Sleep Deprevation, and restores it if it has been removed via bug.
NEW in V8 | Bulk Items Crash when added to player's inventory fixed.
NEW in V8 | Dead Money DLC introduction no longer removes Hardcore Sleep Deprevation. 
NEW in V8 | Doctor correctly play healing animation whilst standing still. 
NEW in V8 | Junk Rounds for various weapons restored (still not available without getting the perk via console).
NEW in V8 | Quest Item scripting rechecked and fixed.
NEW in V8 | Removal and subsequent return of any group/all of Player's items (including DLC followers) are given a singular 'Your weapons have been returned.' (or similar) message in place of each individual item message
Blood poofs, concrete poofs, dirt poofs, are now visible when you're shooting at longer distances.
Brotherhood of Steel Soldier Class changed skills from explosives to unarmed due to background and story.
LOD terrain has been completely regenerated, this should eliminate issues where low resolution background terrain would sometimes show through. The regeneration may cause minor compatibility issues with other mods.
NEW in V8 | Remnants Bunkerv navmesh updated.
NEW in V8 | Camp Forlorn Hope Command Center navmesh updated.
NEW in V8 | Nellis Hangar 1,2 and 3 navmesh updated.
NEW in V8 | Mick and Ralph's navmesh updated.
Many navmesh related problems where NPCs would get stuck unable to negotiate obstacles have been fixed.
NEW in V10 | Fixed CampSearchlight Female NCR Trooper having incorrect eyebrows.
NEW in V10 | Jackal Female fixes to body and head colours.
NEW in V10 | Low Level Processing on all Merchants enabled to now have inventory properly restock over set Merchant refresh days.
NEW in V10 | Sandboxing fixes to NCR to prevent off behaviour.
NEW in V10 | Silver Rush guard now appears on duty after the player has completed the relevant quest
NEW in V10 | Sink CIU merchant data fixed to properly refresh inventory.
NEW in V9 | Cliff Briscoe's inventory fixed to no longer permanently hold Player's sold items.
NEW in V9 | Dead Fiends at Tribal Village no longer respawn (they came back to live due to this).
NEW in V9 | Dead Great Khans at Tribal Village changed to Fiends to fix continuity error from All Roads (collectors edition comic).
NEW in V9 | Daniel Wyand disappears from Primm after looting the Courier note and leaving Primm.
NEW in V9 | Blood splatters disappear in Primm once the situation there has been resolved.
NEW in V9 | Restored leveled-enemies missing from Old World Blues and Lonesome Road. Players of lower levels may find DLC more accessible.
NEW in V8 | Ambient Sex Sounds (Including Fisto) and Thorn Cheering restored.
NEW in V8 | Lily's stealth-off sound loop during combat (if player remains crouched whilst Lily attacks) fixed.
NEW in V8 | Camp Nelson NCR Troopers added to guard the camp after completion of quest.
NEW in V8 | Melissa and Guards given additional package to avoid rare disappearance. 
NEW in V8 | New Van Graff Guard face and dialogue fixed.
NEW in V8 | New Vegas and Westside Resident fixes to both faces and dialogue.
NEW in V8 | Pipboy wearing NPCs Sarah, Michael and Chris should now wear their Pipboys.
NEW in V8 | Various fixes to 'mis-matched' NPCs.
NEW in V8 | Mick and Ralph do not attempt to walk into the wall of the special inventory anymore.
NEW in V8 | Fixed the unmarked legion spy attacking you the moment get near him even tho you with the legion.
NEW in V8 | Fixed the disgused legion frumentus being killed if you where near any ncr members the moment he attempt to talk to you.
Fixed a condition that prevented Beatrix from going to your room when you purchase her services.
Ensured that Python repairs the generator.
Stopped NPCs from taking the Survivalist Rifle.
Fixed an error where you could get stuck or Ms. Williams talked to you through the wall after getting Vault 22 quest and then walking out.
Stopped Raul from eating all you food in the Lucky 38.
Fixed Raul to wander the Lucky 38 just like anyone else. 
Added a check which will remove the Legion Assassins and retry in 3 hours if you somehow managed to get them stuck or if they got lost.
Added Harland to the Ghoul faction.
Assigned correct karma to all fiends. Some were set to neutral instead of evil (majority was already set to evil).
Ensured that the Head Waiter is not hostile to you if you are dressed in full White Glove Society Attire.
Fixed Angela Williams running away when attempting to talk with the player.
Chief Hanlon now has 1 beard instead of 3 times the same one.
Fixed an exploit with Fisto that gave you 10 caps every time you declined his services.
Incorporated NVCE fixes for mismatched skin tones, discoloured features (green lips etc) and clipping on many NPCs.
Joshua Graham now looks like on the promo picture.
NEW in V10 | Chemist Perk Fix updated.
NEW in V9 | Ain't Like That Now perk fixed.
NEW in V9 | Chemist perk no longer affects all ingestibles. Cannot be used in conjunction with Logan's Loophole.
NEW in V9 | Logan's Loophole perk no longer affects all ingestibles. Cannot be used in conjunction with Chemist (due to exploit like values).
NEW in V9 | Skill Trait fixed to no longer improperly apply skill boosts. Now done through Perk injection correctly.
Fixed Laser Commander to just affect all laser weapons(no emp weapons are affected anymore).
Fixed "Day Tripper", "Chemist", "Logan's Loophole" and "Chem Resistant" Perks to modify the duration and addiction values of chems corretly and to display the change values in the pipboy.
Stopped "Light Touch" Perk from giving the critical chance modifier when wearing no armor.
Added a script to the "Here and Now" perk, to ensure it will work with all DLC.
Added missing Explosive Weapons to the Demolition Expert Perk.
Added the Police Pistol to The Professional and Cowboy Perk Lists.
Changed the skill requirement for the "Pyromaniac" perk to Energy Weapons instead of Explosives, as intended (additionally this specific mistake is confirmed by bethesda).
Fixed Chemist, Free Radical and Day Tripper Perks so they work correctly.
Fixed incorrect value in the perk Certified Tech.
NEW in V10 | Birds of a Feather: New Guard appears naturally after completing the employment section of the quest. This guard is mentioned through dialogue.
NEW in V10 | For The Republic: More reliable options to complete Great Khans quest, and ability to complete Great Khan part if Oh My Papa has already completed.
NEW in V10 | MMUE Master Scripts (bugfixing controls) optimised.
NEW in V10 | Oh My Papa: Fixed For The Republic locking out if you complete Oh my Papa before starting the quest or have the Khans take the Suicide Run.
NEW in V10 | Oh My Papa: Regis should now properly initiate dialogue with player after attempting to convince Papa Kahn to break Caesar Allegiance.
NEW in V10 | That Lucky Old Sun: Deciding where to reroute power affects Freeside's street electricity at certain times of the day.
NEW in V9 | Back In The Saddle: Goodspring Settler Gecko victim dialogue fixed so she now longer says 'Help Me!' after quest completion.
NEW in V9 | Classic Inspiration: Codac R9000 is a non-quest item after quest completion.
NEW in V9 | Crazy, Crazy, Crazy: Neil properly says his distraction dialogue, play a 'scanning' idle during that dialogue, and returns to sandbox at entrance to Black Mountain after quest completion.
NEW in V9 | Ghost Town Gunfight: Powder Gangers no longer persistent bodies after quest completion.
NEW in V9 | Tend to Your Business: Van Graff Guard replacement will now appear after you leave Freeside and not immediately.
NEW in V9 | You'll Know It When It Happens: Ranger Grant's bugged GOODBYE dialogue replaced.
NEW in V9 | You'll Know It When It Happens: Radio used to call-in Sniper properly destroyed after use.
NEW in V9 | You'll Know It When It Happens: Ranger Grant runs to observation deck to avoid unnecessary idle. 
NEW in V9 | You'll Know It When It Happens: Kimball's guards correctly guard his body in alert state after his assassination.
NEW in V9 | Volare!: Rebreather is a non-quest item after quest completion.
NEW in V8 | Dealing with Contreras: Complete restructing of Keller and Contreras dialogue to ensure proper layout and correct quest completion. Player now has working chance to make deals with Keller.
NEW in V8 | Dealing with Contreras: Contreras' Stash correctly enabled upon quest completion.
NEW in V8 | Dealing with Contreras: Keller empty dialogue branch removed.
NEW in V8 | Dealing with Contreras: Note added to Player's inventory telling them to kill Keller when there is absolutely no option left available.
NEW in V8 | Endgame: Enclave Remnants packages fixed to properly follow player.
NEW in V8 | Eyesight to the Blind: Power Armor reward has higher condition to emphasise 'refurbishment' dialogue.
NEW in V8 | I Could Make You Care: Companion perks apply to NPC properly.
NEW in V8 | I Could Make You Care: Dialogue prompts for Veronica are more likely to be heard when prompted.
NEW in V8 | I Could Make You Care: Followers Outpost correctly triggers BOS.
NEW in V8 | Lonesome Road Ending: Ulysses grave appears if player killed Ulysses.
NEW in V8 | Old School Ghould: Triggers for Raul's dialogue moved to into dialogue scripting for associated NPCs to avoid quest-breaking bugs. As a result, Raul's quest should activate properly when talking to NPCs.
NEW in V8 | Old World Blues Ending: Bio-Research Lab ending correctly plays if Map Marker was found.
NEW in V8 | Restoring Hope: After liberating Camp Nelson, NCR Troopers will guard the area in patrols and outposts.
NEW in V8 | Restoring Hope: During NCR assault, outlying Nelson Legion explorers given hostilty and direction to Nelson to ensure battle and avoid bugged player dialogue.
NEW in V8 | Restoring Hope: Fixed activators not properly triggering Morale points after giving Quatermaster Mayes Dogtags. (12 Morale Points total are possible).
NEW in V8 | Ring-a-Ding-Ding!: Strip Securitron that welcomes you to New Vegas renamed to Victor, but reverts back to Securitron Mk 1 after dialogue end.
NEW in V8 | Still in the Dark: Dobson correctly tinkers with Radio after set with bomb.
NEW in V8 | That Lucky Old Sun: Dogs in courtyard changed from AggressiveDogs to SnifferDogsare to prevent false enemy positive on radar, and give hostility to Legion/Trespassers.
NEW in V8 | Wang Dang Atomic Tango: Conditional fixes to ask Beatrix about themselves.
NEW in V8 | Wang Dang Atomic Tango: Fixes to Fisto's dialogue and ability for refunds and multiple visits.
NEW in V8 | Wang Dang Atomic Tango: Hired escorts will sleep in bed properly.
NEW in V8 | Wang Dang Atomic Tango: Package fixes for sexual encounters.
NEW in V8 | Wang Dang Atomic Tango: Quest properly completes and assigns NPC packages upon completion.
NEW in V8 | White Wash: Caps Quest Items removed from inventory upon quest completion if not used.
Added missing code to ensure you can complete "Render Unto Caesar".
Added missing objective markers to the Marked Man.
Fixed a exploit where you could get more than one copy of Motor-Runner's helmet.
Added quest markers to the two ballast markers of the plane.
After defusing the bomb on the vertibird it sometimes exploded never the less. Not anymore. 
Agreeing to lie to the NCR on behalf of Motor-Runner in front of Bryce will result in Bryce attacking you.
Changed the quest to point to the ghoul troopers with the dog tags instead of just to the town.
Dialog to give Dr. Hildern invoice is now displayed correctly without the need of talking to him twice.
Now just one quest for updating form lists, inventories etc. instead of 10 the old community patch had.
Disabled the alarm at the NCRCF after you finished "I Fought The Law" in favor of the NCR.
Fixed a bug with Santiago's dialogue that makes it impossible to collect his debt if you have completed "Wang Dang Atomic Tango" previously.
Fixed a bug with the Death Claws eggs during the quest "Bleed Me Dry".
Fixed an issue where the Arizona Killer quest immediately fails if you've mistakenly killed the unmarked Legion spy at Hoover Dam.
NEW in V10 | Cactus Water able to be crafted with Empty Soda Bottles and Empty sunset Sarsparilla Bottles.
NEW in V10 | Differentiations now made between Homebrewed drinks and normal drinks to prevent Star Bottle Caps exploit.
Fixed the Auto-Doc script so you can remove addictions as intended.
Added Vacuum cleaner to Toaster's script
Added Vending Machine "[Return]" options for Pre-War Bonnets, Pre-War Baseball Caps, Business-wear, and Sexy Sleepwear.
Ensured that the boat at Cottonwood Cove and Fort's guard gets activated in case player is hostile to the Legion.
Changed the Cazador Poison Sting effect to a 3D sound, that only plays if you are actually near the creature.
NEW in V8 | Gun Runner's Terminal fixed text overlay.
NEW in V8 | Various 1st Person weapons textures fixed, including Brush Gun and Cowboy Repeater
NEW in V10 | Laser Detonator fixed so it is a quest item only until you complete Lonesome Road.
NEW in V10 | Microfusion Breeder no longer appears in inventory (as intended by Vanilla game, and will not cause a wierd multiplication glitch. NPCs can use Recharger weapons, but will act as if they are normal Laser weapons. A fix to this is currently being looked into.)
NEW in V10 | More weapons added to correct formlists.
NEW in V10 | Paciencia mesh fixed to align with ironsight.
NEW in V10 | Plasma Defender 2D sound fixed.
NEW in V10 | Red Glare no longer incorrectly set as Energy Weapon (now Explosive).
NEW in V9 | Flare Gun changed back to Energy Weapon type.
NEW in V9 | Mantis Gauntlet/s changed back to Unarmed Weapon type.
NEW in V9 | Blade of the West repair list changed from Rebar Club to Bumper Sword.
NEW in V9 | 556 Pistol Repair list fixed.
NEW in V9 | That Gun repair list fixed.
NEW in V9 | Battle Rifle repair list fixed.
NEW in V9 | This Machine repair list fixed.
NEW in V9 | Laser Detonator reverted back to Quest Item; non-quest item after DLC completion.
NEW in V9 | Hunting Rifle textures fixed.
NEW in V8 | Anti-Material Rifle suppressor Fire2D SFX restored.
EMP Projectiles now affect Power Armor and OWB Robots correctly.
Added miss sound to the baseball bat.
Alien Weaponry now functional 
- Still not obtainable with anything else than the console. Was just added for people to have fun with.
Changes to projectile and impact data of arc-welder. Both now displays correctly.
Corrected the inventory icons of several unarmed weapons.
Fixed absent 1st person meshes on Spiked Knuckles, Love and Hate, and Power Fist.
Removed quest object flag of Laser Detonator after destroying the last warhead.
NEW in V9 | Sloan door no longer marked with trespass warning.
NEW in V9 | Strip Gate Tourist 'tresspassing' scene fixed to avoid NPC hanging.
NEW in V8 | California Sunset Drive-In Caps on road rasied to be pickable.
NEW in V8 | Nellis Greenhouse Doors made inaccessible. The led nowhere.
NEW in V8 | Old World Blues scripting to reveal map markers fixed.
NEW in V8 | Hoover Dam music fixed.
Fixed a bug where companions could get teleported to the same place as the player, when activating Christine's Auto-Doc.
Corrected the Collision Marker of the crusher in Quarry Junction.
Book in Mesquite Mountains Camp Site was glitching into the bottom. 
Changed the name of the Vault Door of Vault 3 from "Vault 3 to Vault 3" to "Vault Door to Vault 3".
Changed the position of the odd placed "East Pump Station" marker. Now you will spawn in front of the door.
Fixed a static duplicate where one road was placed on top of another outside the Old Mormon Fort in Freeside.
Fixed a huge amount of problems with Terrain and floating objects. Only the most significant of these fixes are listed below as there are too many to keep track of and for the most part they are very minor issues. Most of of these changes are also available separately as "Mission Mojave x93" in the downloads section.
Changed the Faction Armor message to a corner message on 2nd popup.
Elijah's Last Words changed from Melee to Unarmed as Veronica's tagged Skills don't include Unarmed.
Fixed an issue in Honest Hearts evacuation ending where player's control didn't got activated again
Fixed an issue of non-working gate in Legion Fort when Lucullus was still alive and you couldn't leave without talking to him first.
Fixed an issue when Dr. Hildern didn't have voice, but text on greeting.
Fixed an issue when you get hostile to Gomorra guys and then exit the door and enter again (disabled controls).
Fixed an issue where Omertas don't remember you were hostile to them.
Fixed an issue where the Freeside Kings constantly give you gifts every time you enter Freeside, once you reach high reputation level.
Fixed an issue where you were able to get into an endless loop talking about Helios One and Jason Bright.
Fixed an issue with the sniper rifle's reload animation causing the clip to become out of place.
Fixed a small problem with Ranger Andy's dialog following the teaching of his Ranger Take-down move.
Fixed a terminal in the Intake Tower 01 to spawn correctly when siding with the Legion. 
Fixed a vendor bug in Lonesome Road.
Fixed a Voice that didn't play in the Wheel of Fortune Quest.
Fixed Black Mountain Radio correctly disabling once you fix up Rhonda.
Fixed Broken Weapons (Wrong weapon-type assigned or null-stats, like setting a melee weapon to twohandrifle).
Fixed Brotherhood Initiate skills and SPECIAL stats.
Fixed clipping of TwoHandRifles on equip, unequip and holster animations.
Fixed Dead Money Errors and some Bugs.
Fixed dialogue conditions that caused NPCs to incorrectly state that the Khans have been massacred.
Fixed display of "Downloading medical history" at Auto-Doc in Vera's room in case player has the note already.
Fixed Dixon's inventory so he carries ammo for his Varmint Rifle.
Fixed door to a Tent in Primm. Had a gap between door and frame.
Fixed FNVEdit Errors from the Error Report.
Fixed Gun book in the casino so it won't would fall down physically.
Fixed Head Tracking and Combat for Boone.
Fixed issue in ED-E's dialogue talking about multitool and loading bar even though you didn't discover them at DLC04's ED-E.
Fixed issues with Faction-specific armor: non-humanoid companions were unable to carry it, and companions wearing it no longer cause hostilities among allies (BoS & NCR).
Fixed issues with Knight Torres' inventory not re-spawning and not retaining its "good" inventory.
Fixed issues with the perks "Brainless" and "Big Brained".
Fixed Joshua Graham missing voice for two dialogs.
Fixed Michelle not having a goodbye dialogue when talking the 2nd time to her.
Fixed Mick's Secret Inventory so that it actually refreshes with new, forbidden items at the appropriate time.
Fixed non-playing voice of Diane in one topic.
Fixed Old World Blues Errors.
Fixed part of the "Debt Collector" quest, by making sure that Lady Jane's Pack Brahmin is a Quest Item container.
Fixed Pete so he wont stop his story after the first part.
Fixed radius values of OWB Map Markers.
Fixed Ranger Andy Conversation with Raul and Player.
Fixed reload animation of modded Hunting Revolver. (Now reloads 6 bullets if the six shot weapon mod is applied.)
Fixed several map markers in Old World Blues.
Fixed several map markers to ensure they are displayed correctly on the compass.
Fixed some issues related to Unarmed Weapons.
Fixed some issues with unarmed weapons equipment types.
Fixed some missing entries in "SnowglobeDisplay" and "L38UpgradeTerminal"
Fixed some vendor containers that didn't refresh.
Fixed terminal to free ED-E while using Robotics Expert perk
Fixed the .45 caliber casing to use the right texture.
Fixed the 1st Person models of several weapons.
Fixed the 1st Person view of the Laser-pistol+Focus Mod. (Had wrong 1stperson model assigned.)
Fixed the actors in Tops, so they will now do their performances when on stage.
Fixed the Boomer artillery not shooting at you if your reputation with the Boomers is bad.
Fixed the Boomer artillery shooting at you, if your reputation is good AND the guard have greeted you at the gate.
Fixed the bug that prevented Arcade Gannons rehire dialog from appearing.
Fixed the bug where after firing the Poseidon gun no blast would occur and you would be forever stuck with targeting lasers in front of you and no ammo regeneration. The ammo now recharges consistently every day at 15.00. Victims of the explosion now only attack you if they can see you when the blast occurs. Targeting process is now smoother. Running backwards while targeting things very far away no longer prevent the explosion from happening.
Fixed the clutter placement in Coyote Mine House so you can actually grab the BBs.
Fixed the dialogue conditions so that Bert Gunnarsson will heal you if you have crippled limbs.
Fixed the dialogue with Doctor Usanagi, when the player asks if they can make a donation to the faction.
Fixed the distant gunfire audio bug.
Fixed the dog eyes popping out problem that plagues many dogs and dog companions.
Fixed the Fatigue damage of Boxing Tape, Boxing Gloves, Golden Gloves and 12 Gauge Bean Bag rounds.
Fixed the fatigue damage of the Cattle Prod.
Fixed the freeze when you maxed out all your specials to 10. You won't get another point from endgame perk if you set all your special points to 10.
Fixed the Hardened Sentry Bots near the crashed Vertibird.
Fixed the health of Senior Paladin Ramos to something more in line with the other Paladins.
Fixed the infinite experience and Legion fame exploit when you speak to Decanus Severus at Cottonwood Cove.
Fixed the infinite experience exploit caused by Mantis Forelegs.
Fixed the infinite experience exploit with Bryce Anders when you first encounter him in Vault 3.
Fixed the issue with NPCs and companions not being able to use the Recharger Rifle and Recharger Pistol.
Fixed the laser tripwire in the Helios One Tower. The trap will now properly disarm.
Fixed the last of the GRA issues. (Some Weapon Mods may have to be reapplied.)
Fixed the Logan's loophole trait to set the level cap to 30 correctly.
Fixed the low dehydration sink at The Sink.
Fixed the low resolution texture on the YCS/186.
Fixed the machete's normal map and vertex colors.
Fixed the misalignment with two hand rifle iron sights and cross-hair.
Fixed the non-animated ammo box.
Fixed the non re-spawning garden at The Sink.
Fixed the non restocking vendor at The Sink.
Fixed the not re-spawning Gloria Van Graff inventory.
Fixed the onHit effect of the Ratslayer so you will no longer be detected when you shouldn't.
Fixed the perk "Demise of the Machines" so you're able to unlock each rank properly and complete the challenge.
Fixed the pinto plant animation.
Fixed the Plasma Caster firing Animation.
Fixed the Primer boxes, Casing boxes, Powder jars, and Bulk/Surplus ammo boxes buy item scripts.
Fixed the problems with isolating the Virus in Quest "Still in the Dark".
Fixed the quest objective not completing when Ulysses got killed.
Fixed the repeated dialogue with the Mini Boomer Lindsay about her teddy bear, Mr Cuddles, after it is returned.
Fixed the rescued Powder Gangers so they can be interacted with normally (and, for example, pick-pocketed) after being rescued.
Fixed the rescued Powder Gangers so they will not return to the Legion Raid Camp after being rescued.
Fixed the scripting error which cause "Big Iron" to play in place of "Stars of the Midnight Range".
Fixed the script that was meant to make Boxcars crippled.
Fixed the second iteration of the "Caravan cards aren't added to your deck" bug.
Fixed the shell casing point of the Riot Shotgun.
Fixed the skill-book placement in Dean's room at the Sierra Madre Casino.
Fixed the Snow-globe display to properly update.
Fixed the texture path for the YCS/186 model to use the right normal maps.
Fixed the Upgrade Terminal in the Lucky 38 suite to avoid the misaligned barter menu.
Fixed the varying spelling of Gecko Kebab to be consistent.
Fixed the weight of the Radio and Computer parts at Camp Searchlight.
Fixed the "Box Case, .45 Auto" so it is no longer mislabeled as "Box Case, 10mm".
Fixed the "Empty" ammo boxes which were made un-empty by OWB.
Fixed the "Miss Fortune" perk's knockdown effect and stops her shots from having any effect if they hit one of your companions.
Fixed the "Thought You For Dead" perk, so you gain permanent health instead of temporary health.
Fixed the "Well Rested" perk.
Fixed traveling merchants and their mercenaries so they stay together.
Fixed TwoHandAutomatics sneak equip and unequip animations.
Fixed various issues with Dead Money weapons, such as not being affected by perks, traits, and challenges.
Fixed various issues with the Render Unto Caesar quest relating to recruiting the White Glove Society.
Fixed various things relating to the Ultra-Luxe casino and the Beyond The Beef quest.
Fixed wrong dialog of Legate Lanius in case of Legion -> Yes-Man
Fixed wrong map marker for the Ulysses Quest when the player is considered weak according to script.
Fixed Z14.
Fixed Zion Map Script not executing properly.
Fixed "For the Republic", this allows you to continue onward even if you do not talk to the receptionist!
Fixes an infinite experience exploit with Mr. House when you speak to him concerning his longevity.
Fixing the Food Processor before talking to Farber will not stop you from getting a reward for fixing it.
Fixing the Food Processor only requires 1 Pot, not "2 but it only takes 1".
Floating robots don't set off mines anymore.
Form list Updates.
Gave Mr. Holdout another beard that looks less ridiculous (but it is still very similar).
Gave Saint James at Westside a key for his own apartment room.
Gecko Meat only applies a -1 Strength penalty in Hardcore mode
GetItemCount instead of GetHasNote for Terminal in Wasteland Bunker
Harland the Rep-con Ghoul is now set to non-aggressive so he doesn't go and commit suicide by attacking any remaining Nightkin once his part of the quest is over. He'll defend himself if attacked still.
Hostage Race created by a fix are now non-playable.
If you happened to be on Tabitha's good side, the Nightkin will become Neutral to you.
Increased the distance at which you can see particle effects caused by your bullet to the maximum.
Integrated GRA.
Jack and Loyal couldn't be found after the plane was raised. Fixed
Jessup now wears the correct beard and the beard doesn't clip with his face anymore.
Junk Food now restores starvation.
Karma fixes for various npcs.
LAER Weapons now affect Power Armor and OWB Robots.
Legionary Assassins will not abruptly stop attacking you anymore.
Lily doesn't de/activate her stealth boy when unconscious anymore.
Made it possible to actually ask the Followers to help the NCR in the endgame.
Male Boomer used female Boomer template. Not anymore.
Marjorie now stays in the Gourmand if finding a way into the Members Only area is one of your current objectives.
Marked Perk now has correct damage threshold.
Marked several dead bodies as non-re-spawning.
Marked several people as non-re-spawning who previously were: Boxcars, Oliver Swanick and the Powder Gangers rescued during the "Booted" quest.
Merged all Scripts, which are added by Fixes that add things to form lists and leveledlists via script, in one single script. 
Merged Dialog Topic List (Making it easier for the engine to handle these).
Michelle's eyes sized down a bit and removed white stripes that were underneath the eyebrows.
Mister Holdout renamed to Mr. Holdout.
Modified Explorer perk to working with all DLCs.
Modified the animation length in Tops, so they match the music.
Most generic and even some unique NPCs were ending conversations with Antony's creepy "Later..."
Motor-Runner will now properly give you his helmet if you convince him you don't need to pay him.
Motor-Runner will now properly take your money when you buy his helmet.
Motor-Runner's dogs (BoneGnash and GhashBone) will be renamed Donnie and Marie if you have the Wild Wasteland perk.
Motor-Runner's helmet is no longer a Quest item (undroppable) once you have reported back to Colonel Hsu.
Motorrunner's Helmet is no quest object anymore in case you are hostile to NCR.
Moved a barrel in front of the atomic wrangler. It was facing in the wrong direction.
Moved the goodbye line in Dog's dialog to the bottom.
Navmesh of goodspring gas station changed (Ringo doesn't run into the box there anymore.)
Navmesh of Hayes Tent fixed. NPCs were running into objects and were unable to find the way out.
Navmesh of Tent Primm fixed. NPCs were running into objects and were unable to find the way out.
Non-repair form lists slightly reworked
Nuka-Cola Quartz and Nuka-Cola Victory now play a drinking sound effect instead a chewing one, and give you a bottle cap when used.
Nuka-Cola Quartz and Nuka-Cola Victory now play sounds when picked up/dropped.
Omerta Thug doesn't get stuck behind the counter in Gomorrah.
Omerta Thug doesn't run around in the Wasteland anymore.
Once you complete the Quest Debt Collector and acquire your room, all of the items in the room will belong to you.
Potato Crisps now weight 0.5, Gum Drops and Bubble Gum now weigh 0.2 instead of 1.00
President's visitor list doesn't get spawned when you got the list from Captain Grant already now.
Prevented a NCR MP to stop you and attack you on your way to see Ambassador Kif Kroker if you are idolized with the NCR.
Prevented companions from losing their weapons when exiting the Gomorrah casino.
Previously a Great Khan messenger couldn't do his job due to invalid entry in his package. Fixed.
Recompiled all Scripts and fix all of the errors that were found (Actually quite a lot).
Record changes. Some Records have been optimized.
Reduced Ulysses' Mask Radiation Resistance to 20 instead of 50.
Removed any weight that was attributed to ED-E's weapon and its ammo spawner.
Removed some object duplicates in Camp McCarran.
Removed the 2 Goodspings Settlers that were added by NVCE. They were causing trouble.
Removed the looping sound that is added to ED-E when you get his weapon upgrade.
Repaired 4 broken Lucky 38 suite upgrades.
Repair form lists have all playable variants added including uniques - occasionally omitting quest items
Repair form lists reworked, in some cases from the ground up - all prewar clothing in a form list, recon-type helmets in a form list, etc.
Replaced the Military Cyber Dog Skullcap with an actually visible one.
Replacing Elijah's face from Dead Money to suit his ingame Hologram.
Restored 5mm round count in loot lists.
Restored a dialogue where Regis is talking about Papa's wrath.
Restored an objective during Dr. Henry's and Lily's quest.
Restored the content of the Dean Blackmail holodisc, which was previously unavailable.
Revised all headgearslots to prevent a lot clipping and stop hair form disappearing.
Riot helmet Jury Rigging fix. Helmets could be repaired with armor instead of hats.
Ruby Nash and Fitz can be recruited to supply McCarran as intended.
Rum & Nuka's effects scale with Survival skill, also include a +1 Agility effect.
Set confederate hat to use cowboyhatrepair rather than baseballcaprepair
Set ncr hats and a few others to use sunguardench object effect
Set NVChallengeVault34 Threshold and Interval to 1.
Set Ownership of containers in Mojave Outpost to the NVNCRFaction.
Set the eyeboy disable objective to remove itself if one of the Eyebots got killed.
Set "Can be all races"  flag for the player to prevent mismatching body colors.
Small Bar Radio in Prospector's Saloon now plays "Radio New Vegas" instead of "Mojave Music Radio".
Sneak Skill Book was on wrong shelf in Sunstone Tower (facing to the wall).
Some clipping objects fixed.
Some green lips fixed.
Some navmesh changes in the Primm exterior. People trying to run through walls and such.
Sometimes Spore Carriers didn't hide correctly in the grass.
Sometimes the plane didn't spawn correctly in the Hangar. Now spawns after 5 days correctly.
Sometimes three Great Khans approached you and wanted to talk without any dialogue. Fixed.
Started fixing Dead Money Errors.
Stopped Chief Hanlon from playing his dialog twice.
Stopped ED-E's Audiolog 02 to be played through the wall.
Stopped the game crashing after entering Vault34 or H&H Tools.
T-45d and T-51b BoS Armors now work with the In Shining Armor Perk.
T-45d Power Armor is not a faction armor anymore.
The crowd for the President's Speech are now all enabled.
The dialogue with Colonel Hsu stating that Motor-Runner is dead is now available if you somehow have more than one copy of Motor-Runner's helmet.
The Disguised Frumentarius will not be arbitrarily deleted from the game anymore, causing either Hire or Favor to never be given.
The duffel bag in the Gas Station now properly belongs to Ringo.
The empty bottle now has a weight of 1. To match this change, the bottle's value has been decreased from 5 to 3.
The Gannon Family Helmet now has a correct value.
The Implant Y-3 now completely eliminates radiation when drinking from sources like sinks, toilets, etc.
The Mick and Ralph's Crier looked like a adult with a child's body. That's fixed now.
This Fixed a bug with Melody at Fortification Hill, where you would be stuck in a dialogue loop unable to say goodbye.
Thought-You-For-Dead Perk was not awarding health when Karma was lower than 1000.
Toaster Dialog updates now.
Tripwire gets destroyed after defuse correctly now.
Tripwire gets destroyed in Honest Hearts now after defusing.
Updated sink scripts to use the resetinventory command on the vendor chests.
Using a Weapon Repair Kit on a weapon with a weapon durability mod attached will no longer decrease the weapon's health.
Vendors no longer sell only one type of certain crafting supplies at a time.
VNCRWastelandMaleTrooper fixed facetexture (removed green spots) and geometry (human proportions).
Weapon Repair Kits can not be used on weapons which are at 100% health.
Weapon Repair Kits no longer boost a weapon's health past 100%.
When getting teleported to Oliver Companions were standing in the player.
When saveing in a Toxic cloud and then leave the cloud you still got damage from cloud. Not anymore.
When Securitrons got upgraded in basement they are also now in Penthouse without leaving
When Valve got released you were able to go back to activate the initial Terminal.
When you convince Hanlon to abandon his plan to sabotage the defense of the Dam you will get the correct ending slide.
Y-17 trauma override harness are now affected by emp projectiles due to the nature of their suits. They are full of electronics after all.
You can now obtain the Caesar's Hire quest after previously receiving the Caesar's Favor quest, and vice versa.
You can now sleep in Doc Mitchell's patient bed.
You can't keep telling Farber you've recruited Fitz over and over (thus lowering his prices to zero).



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На сайте modgames находится Mission Mojave UE версия 5.2. Но в камментариях, автор перевода указал ссылку на седьмую версию. Советую поставить мод josh'а sawyer'а, он исправляет многие моменты в игре.

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На сайте modgames находится Mission Mojave UE версия 5.2. Но в камментариях, автор перевода указал ссылку на седьмую версию. Советую поставить мод josh'а sawyer'а, он исправляет многие моменты в игре.

Если их сравнивать то первый весит 200 мб а мод josh'а sawyer'а несколько кб)

На самом Nexsus пишут что мод дорабатывается и обновляется часто,поэтому наверное его и на modgames не успевают обновлять.

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Люблю маленькие моды-фиксы, в которых нет ничего лишнего. Но все всегда пихают туда отсебятину. Даже в этом josh sawyer куча всего переделана на свой лад, согласно личным предпочтениям автора (например переделан алаймент кучи персонажей, снижен носимый вес и т.д.).

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Даже в этом josh sawyer куча всего переделана на свой лад, согласно личным предпочтениям автора

Это да. Я после прочтения правок первой же версии засомневалась в ценности мода.

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Все-таки я добился от modgames обновления,а точнее админ мне дал ссылку на переведенные esp файл.Для удобства хочу залить на яндекс диск к примеру(Объединенный архив)Если кому не в терпежь пишите в лс :)

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Обновил первый пост :P Вроде ошибок нет.По моему на старом форуме писали про глюк с перком "Ранняя пташка",сейчас проверил он нормально работает.

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 Josh всегда позиционировал свой мод как ребаланс сделанный под себя, исправления ошибок мы получаем в нагрузку   :)

  Давно подумываю поставить MMUE, да все никак не соберусь, слишком много глобальных модов, для некоторых муж делал патчи совместимости, нынче игра пребывает в шатком равновесии, и я ума не приложу, как добавить MMUE не обрушив все  :(

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 Josh всегда позиционировал свой мод как ребаланс сделанный под себя, исправления ошибок мы получаем в нагрузку   :)

  Давно подумываю поставить MMUE, да все никак не соберусь, слишком много глобальных модов, для некоторых муж делал патчи совместимости, нынче игра пребывает в шатком равновесии, и я ума не приложу, как добавить MMUE не обрушив все  :(

Авторы заплатки по моему говорят что если MMUE не будет работать с каким-нибудь модом,нужно написать им об этом и они это исправят

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У меня из крупных стоят Project Nevada, MMUE, Willow Companion и кучка HUD модов - всё работает нормально. Но в некоторых локациях (именно в некоторых!) наблюдаются частые зависоны. Народ пишет, что это может быть связано с собакой J.T., которая постоянно за мной бегает.

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здравствуйте хочу задать вопрос почему в архиве нет  патчей совместимости с другими модификациями?


magnumspec :

Ошибаешься, MMUE обновлен в сентябре. Патчи к модам мы не переводили. 
Перевод прекрасный. Багов ровно столько, сколько в оригинале MMUE - нисколько. :)
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тогда стоит удалить 3 пункт из описания установки о имеющихся здесь якобы патчах совместимости, что бы далее не вводить народ в заблуждение

Патчи сами ищите и переводите!На modgames тоже нет патчей в MMUE!

http://www.nexusmods.com сюда заходите,ищите "Mission Mojave - Ultimate Edition" и смотрите прежде чем задавать вопросы что патчи даже там идут отдельно :angry:  :angry:  :angry:

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-_-Ой ну да ошибся.Нету патчей переведенных,те которые там даже и лежат  считайте уже древнее египетских пирамид.

Пишите локализаторам на модгеймс(Хотя мне они не отвечали)

Вот ему еще можно попробовать написать http://falcon-lair.com/forum/index.php/files/file/51-mission-mojave-ultimate-edition/

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Мод обновили до версии 11а,на счет русской версии ничего не известно,список изменений тоже неизвестен.

Изменено пользователем GenesisVII
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