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How will the coop work?

insomnia questions co-op

#1 korefuji


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Отправлено 14 Май 2016 - 12:05

Will it be like Divinity Original Sin whereby each player has their own story, and therefore you can roleplay? Is player 2 just a silent partner and gets ignored during conversations and important scenes? Will both players be restricted to the screen so they can see each other, or will it be made in such a way that both players will be free to move wherever they wish?


I'm really interested to know as I'm backing it again for the reasons of coop. Single player demo works well, I love it in fact, but I really want the meaty coop info :)



#2 Vault_13



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Отправлено 20 Май 2016 - 17:01

Co-op content is optional and not mandatory. Now co-op is more like a set of additional hardcore scenarios for 3 players without any companions with the concept of PvP. Later we plan to publish a few updates dedicated to co-op only. Sorry for this late answer!

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